Ann Syombua

My name is Ann Syombua. I’m aged 13 years. I was born in Kagundo found in Machakos County then we later went to live in Kipipioi.

After my birth, my father went and until that day nobody knows where he went. After suffering for several days, my mother married again. My mother and step-father struggled through thick and thin to provide for us our daily basic needs.

My mother got sick of malaria and my step-father could not provide the basic needs alone so I was taken to my grandmother while my three brothers stayed with my parents.
Life with my grandmother was not easy. Sometimes we would sleep without food or we would drink a half cup of tea and then go to bed.

After about two years, I found myself here not knowing whom to talk to because nobody understood my language. Since them my life has been going on smoothly.

Sometimes, I just sit down and recall of the past and that makes my heart to praise God. I can sometimes remember we used to sleep in one bed a family of six people.

My dream is to become a neural surgeon and help children like me so that they can also smile to their bright destiny.