Brenda Wanjiku - CWMF

Brenda Wanjiku

My name is Brenda Wanjiku and I am 13 years old. I was born in a place called Mombasa then later taken to SabaSaba after the death of my grandmother. In SabaSaba we were staying with my stepsisters who were very rude and harsh to me. My parents were not able to provide me with basic needs so my father ran away.

After sometime after my mother was still struggling she was unable and so she looked for a way she could kill me because she had no food to give me. That night she boiled some water and tried to kill me by burning my head. One of my kind stepsisters called my aunt and I was rushed to the hospital. Because my mother feared to be caught by the police she decided to hang herself with a rope.

While I was still in SabaSaba a woman came and took me and my cousin to a man who was in charge of a certain school in Maragua. That man knew this children’s home and brought us here. I thank the Lord for where I am. I am comfortable than where I was. Here I am provided with anything I ask for. I will work hard and reach my targets and help other children like me to reach their targets.