David Njau

I came from a place called Ngathruna. I did not know who were my parents. I used to stay with my grandmother there. I did not where my parents were and I was too small like a baby for being carried out during the day. After for about three years my grandmother was so confuced because she had to do something with me because I was getting sickness at 4.

She had many problems with me. When she had these problems she always had a head ache. One day my grandmother decided to bring me to a children’s home which was nearby a village called Kabinu in Wangiga and the place that I was brought up by my grandmother was called the Caroline home in Kiambu.

We found some people living in that place and they had many children and there were even some orphans too so until that day I still remember the day before. I came in the year 2001 and I was in a baby class and now I am in class seven. Thank you!