Joseph Kageni

Joseph Kageni

My name is Joseph Kageni. I was born around 2000 at a far distance near Githunguri. We were about 5 of us and lived with our mother. Our grandfather provided us with our needs and he paid the school fees for us until some of my brothers finished their primary course.

My mother died when my younger brother was 2-3 years old. My grandfather took him to a children’s home very far away and after two weeks I followed him to the children’s home.

I longed to be back home but I had to stay for a week before I dwelt here permanently. I have lived in this home for about 5 years and I have enjoyed the company of the other children who we have shared the worries and happiness of life together.

We were taken to school in Murangi called The Trinity School where we were educated for free by the school manager from class. Three to class 5 where I finished the primary course with 354 marks.

I am now in form one and I appreciate the love, concern and care offered by our dear mum and dad and when I grow up I would like to become an Accountant and by God’s help Grace, I help some of the misfortunate children.