Rahab - Wanjiku

Rahab Wanjiku

My Name is Rahab Wanjiku. I am 13 years old. I was born in Naivasha. In our home we were three sisters and four brothers. Our parents had no enough money to take care of us.

My mother ran away from home and my father decided to follow her so they ran away
My sister cooked for us until the day my aunt came to visit us and saw that our parents were not there she asked us but we did not tell her anywhere. She tried to call her in the phone but she did not take it.

She took us and all our property. We went to her house there were extra rooms for us and everyone had his or her own room. We stayed there for some time but it was too hard to take care for seven children. At night she opened the television and heard that there was a children’s home being started.

My aunt asked us who wanted to go to the Caroline children’s home and we raised our hands and that’s why we are here. We were brought by our grandmother. I thank Mum and Dad for taking care us.