Stephen Kamau

My name is Stephen Kamau. I was born in Gothongori . December 20, 2002. My sister was born on March 12, 2001. I was the last born in our home. My sister was very sick when he was tiny. He had different diseases.

I was very lucky for that. Our family did there best like going to the hostel and getting medicine and he was not getting well but we continued on praying. But few months he was good I saw everyone happy. After few months my parents passed. My aunt tried her best to care for us but she didn’t provide the basic needs of our family.

After a few days I found myself here and I imagined where my parents are. My sister came here with 4 years old while I came here with 3 years old. For that time I was very little. I cried so much. I asked myself where is my mommy. Other children were not friendly with me. At that time we were around 20 as other came as other went back in there home.

In that time I knew the first child called Brian Kangethe. He showed me other children and I know some children here. I was taught the things that I didn’t know. And I loved him and he was my best friend up to now. And I never forget him. My nick names are stevoste or bibo and my sister’s nick names are camedula, camedun.

Those names we were called long ago. Right now I am 12 years old and my sister is 13 years old. While I am class 6 and my sister class 7. I thank you for those who took care of me and my God bless you like. I like to be an engineer or construction when I grow up.