Teresiah Mbairo Nsoki

My name is Teresiah Mbairo Nsoki. I am aged 13 years and am in class seven. I came from Kikuyou town.
When my mother passed on, my grandma took me to her house so she can take care of me. After three days she asked my elder sister if there was a children’s home nearby reason being, she did not have enough money to buy for my basic needs.

They met another man who was going to church in Waangige. They asked him if he knew the way to the C.W.M.F then I reached here. I got a disease that I did not know.

One of the workers whom we were staying with called Evelyn phoned Dr. Mungai to tell the drive to be ready because I was very sick. Nearly I did not know what to do.

I stayed in the hospital for two days when I was discharged from the hospital; I took a lot of tablets which I did not feel like taking then even to date. I still take these tablets but all in all I will never cease to praise God because I take those tablets. Thank you ALL AND GOD. Bless you!