Blue-Globe cwmf

Our Mission

To sponsor charitable activities that empower and equip disadvantaged children and youth to reach their destiny through:

1. Establishing and running Caroline Homes and Caroline Schools.
2. Providing academic grants for qualified and needy students.
3. Charitable deeds that enhance community advancements.

Our Vision

Orphaned and abandoned children become destitute at no fault of their own. Parents’ death and/or extreme poverty are the main causes of destitution.

Making lives of such children meaningful is the highest act of nobility one can do. Several projects have and will be undertaken to provide the services and needed infrastructure to meet our vision.

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How we help

rescue children - cwmf

Rescue Children

We rescue orphaned and abandoned children, giving them hope and another shot at life.

boy reading - cwmf

Provide Knowledge

We provide quality education to the children at the Caroline School located within the home.

Provide Food

We love the children by providing meals, we give them three full meals each and every day


Health Care

We cater for the medical/health needs of the children with the support of various organizations.